Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Review Franchisor as Possible Statutory Employer

October 17, 2016
By Scott Fellmeth
Posted in Employer-Employee Relations

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear the appeal of Saladworks, LLC v. W.C.A.B. (Gaudioso), 124 A.3d 790, 791 (Pa. Commw. 2015), reargument denied (Nov. 23, 2015), appeal granted, 135 A.3d 1016 (Pa.... Read more

What Should I Buy (or Sell)?

October 13, 2016

Asset v. Stock Transactions So - you want to buy a business that you have been looking at for some time - or - you have decided to sell your business - what structure is right for the... Read more

Have you limited your liability today?

October 7, 2016

You have just finished negotiating the key terms of a new business venture.  The last thing either party wants to discuss are the potential risks of the venture not being successful. Although unpleasant, addressing the risks associated with a... Read more

Feds Refuse to Reclassify Marijuana

September 26, 2016

The Federal Government recently announced its refusal to reclassify marijuana from its current designation as a Schedule I drug alongside heroin and LSD, under the Controlled Substances Act.  Schedule I drugs are defined as those with “no... Read more

Is Most of Your Business Connected Through Your Website?

September 20, 2016

Then you need to think about your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Endorsements. Many businesses are almost exclusively run through a website.  As a business owner you may have already thought about the legal issues... Read more

Beware the Unintended Binding Term Sheet

September 12, 2016

Term sheets and letters of intent are often used by parties to set out the key terms agreed to in principle prior to entering into negotiations of a more formal and final agreement. Although rarely used as the final all-inclusive agreement, a term... Read more

Expungements in Pennsylvania

August 23, 2016
By John Scialabba

In Pennsylvania there is the opportunity to have a criminal arrest record expunged where the case has not resulted in conviction, including, but not limited to, charges that were resolved by acquittal, dismissal, withdrawal, or nolle prosse.... Read more

What’s in a Name? Helpful Tips for Changing Your Entity’s Name

August 17, 2016
By Lydia Gorba
Posted in Business Services

There are many things one must do to effectuate a business name change. Some of the steps constitute formal requirements such as filing an Articles of Amendment form with the Department of State. Others however, are internal, business specific... Read more

“Bobby’s Off to Kindergarten! But Wait… My Ex and I Don’t Agree on the School!” – Legal Custody and School Choice in Pennsylvania

August 8, 2016
By Shannon Sacca
Posted in Custody, Divorce and Domestic Relations

It’s back to school time, and while most parents and children are gearing up for another school year, some families are in limbo this time of year.  If two separated or divorced parties cannot agree upon where their child should attend school... Read more

Let’s Get to the Point: FRCP 34

July 19, 2016

The new FRCP 34 changes the way attorneys respond to discovery requests. The New Rule 34 (b)(2):  Responses and Objections. (A)  Time to Respond. ... Read more